If You Are Arrested

Retaining an aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is the most important decision you can make.  A qualified Criminal Defense lawyer can educate you as to your options, assist you in making critical life altering decisions, investigate the factors that led to your arrest, skillfully examine law enforcement personnel, and defend your criminal case. 

If you have been charged or under investigation, please call The Law Offices of Brian M. Legghio to set up an appointment so we can assess your particular case and provide you with the best legal advice. Please allow us to offer you the professional assistance and support of an experienced criminal defense law firm that has extensive experience with the Federal Court system as you face this most unfortunate experience.

Early Intervention by an Experienced, Aggressive Attorney Is Key to a Proper Defense

It is extremely important to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney begin working on your case as early as possible. Critical issues, whether charges will be filed, such as how your particular case will be filed and what charges will be leveled against you, are decided, very soon after your arrest or during the investigatory period. Whether your case goes before a Grand Jury or not, early intervention gives us an opportunity to potentially reduce or dismiss the charges against you before the first Court date.

Over the years, experienced criminal defense lawyer, Brian M. Legghio, has successfully represented numerous clients charged with the Federal and State criminal offenses as described above. The longer you postpone in hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer, the greater the problem may become.