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Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney in Detroit, Michigan

Bankruptcy fraud is considered a white-collar crime that can be charged when an individual is accused of defrauding a federally insured banking institution, which also includes committing commercial loan fraud and check fraud. Typically, bankruptcy fraud takes four general forms:

  • a debtor conceals assets in an effort to avoid forfeiting them,
  • an individual intentionally files false or incomplete forms,
  • an individual files multiple times using false information, or
  • an individual bribes a court-appointed trustee.

It’s also common for an individual to commit one of these forms of fraud in conjunction with another crime such as money laundering, wire fraud, or public corruption.

Almost 70% of all bankruptcy fraud involves the concealment of assets. This is because creditors can only liquidate the assets that are listed by the debtor, which means that any assets that the debtor fails to disclose can be kept fraudulently despite any outstanding debt. If you are the subject of such an investigation, federal prosecutors can bring criminal charges against you for suspected bankruptcy fraud which can carry significant financial penalties and a potential prison sentence.

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Despite the serious nature of these charges, you do still have options when it comes to defending your case to a judge or jury. I’ve spent decades meticulously navigating these types of cases in an effort to defend my clients. I work tirelessly to help my clients avoid a prison sentence or any significant financial penalty and fight hard to help them retain their assets. Having tried over 100 different cases in front of a judge and jury, I’ve garnered extensive experience and an excellent record defending my clients against any level of fraud charges, even in the face of a case going to trial. Over the years I’ve worked on a variety of different cases involving wire fraud, money laundering, and structuring monetary transactions. I devote considerable time and effort to every single case that I take on, in an effort to ensure that my clients receive the highest level of legal representation.

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Not many people are prepared to face the prospect of a state or federal investigation, especially when it comes to charges of bankruptcy fraud. You don’t have to face these challenges alone, and you can’t afford to be represented by someone who lacks the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully defend your case. After a free and simple consultation, I can help you understand what your options are, so that together we can begin to work on a defense strategy that will leave you feeling confident about your case as we move forward.

Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney in Detroit, Michigan Area

Having tried over 100 cases in front of a judge and jury, I’ve witnessed how crucial it is to have an experienced criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of the law. Over the years, I have represented countless clients charged with federal and state criminal offenses and I’ve learned that there is no replacing experience. Let me put my experience to work for you.

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